Dorian Baetens

Concrete design projects

for BWK Sierbeton

Notre Dame candle

Notre Dame candle

negative mould and initial positive

Offset curtain

after a sketch by Frederik Lizen

Koritsi, Sailing boat


All a painter needs, on wheels


Rack for (big) paintings


Garden atelier

with Thomas Joos

Concrete table prototype

sliding doors

±95% recup material, 1/2

sliding doors

5% printed ABS wheels, 2/2

Kompany, a couch that only works in team


Plastic recycling machine (shredder)

from the concept of Precious Plastics

Copper cupula lamp

prototype, photo by: Juan Avila

Pablo Penique (Penny Paul), about a young kid trying to find home after being lost in the big city.

Mixed printing techniques

Small utility vehicle outfitting

(paneling) 1/2

Small utility vehicle outfitting

(electronics) 2/2

Tool concepts

foam cutter / hand router

Steel table base

Custom bathroom table

I would love to work with you